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Q 1720491311.     On heating water, bubbles being formed at the bottom of the vessel detach and rise. Take the bubbles to be spheres of radius R and making a circular contact of radius r with the bottom of the vessel. If r < < R, and the surface tension of water is T, value of r just before bubbles detach is: (density of water is `\rho_w`)

JEE 2014 Mains Paper - 5

` R^2 \sqrt{\frac{\rho_w g}{T}}`


` R^2 \sqrt{\frac{3 \rho_w g}{T}}`


`R^2 \sqrt{\frac{2\rho_w g}{3 T}}`


`R^2 \sqrt{\frac{\rho_w g}{6T}}`

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