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Q .     The figure shows the variation of specific heat capacity `(C)` of a solid as a function of temperature `(T)`. The temperature is increased continuously from `0` to `500 K` at a constant rate. Ignoring any volume change, the following statement`(s)` is (are) correct to a reasonable approximation.

JEE 2013 Mains

The rate at which heat is absorbed in the range `0-100 K` varies linearly with temperature `T.`


Heat absorbed in increasing the temperature from `0-100 K` is less than the heat required for increasing the temperature from `400 – 500 K.`


There is no change in the rate of heat absorption in range `400 – 500 K.`


The rate of heat absorption increases in the range `200 – 300` K.


`C =Q/(DeltaT)` (Rate of absorption of Heat)
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