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Q 1985201167.     Shiela is lactating mother but unable to produce
sufficient breast milk to feed her newly born baby.
She discussed this problem with one of her
friends who is a biotechnologists. Shiela's friend
solved her problem by recommending her to feed
her baby with transgenic cow milk but Shiela
declined to give transgenic cow milk. Shiel a was
of the view that the transgenic cow was same as
that of natural cow and could not replace her
natural breast milk. Shiela's friend explained her
that Transgenic cow incorporating human
genes, could produce milk contained the human
alpha-lactalbumin and was nutritionally a more
balanced product for human babies than natural
cow milk.
(a) What values did Shiela show towards her
(b) Name the first Transgenic cow.
(c) What was the speciality of the milk
produced by the transgenic cow?
(d) How is 'Transgenic cow' considered
different from a normal cow? Explain

NCERT Value Based 12/10/LAT

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