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(i) In XY-plane (a) Ist octant
(ii) Point (2, 3, 4) lies in the (b) YZ- plane
(iii) Locus of the points having X coordinate `0` is (c) z-coordinate is zero
(iv) A line is parallel to X axis if and only (d) Z-axis
(v) If X = 0, y = 0 taken together will represent the (e) plane parallel to XY-plane
(vi) z = c represent the plane (f) if all the points on the line have equal y and z-coordinates
(vii) Planes X = a, Y = b represent the line (f) from the point on the respective
(viii) Coordinates of a point are the distances from the origin to the feet of perpendiculars (h) parallel to Z-axis
(ix) A ball is the solid region in the space enclosed by a (i) disc
(x) Region in the plane enclosed by a circle is known as a (j) sphere


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