English Synonyms


Synonyms are words which have similar meaning and can be used interchangeably.

`=>` Do's and Don'ts of Mastering Synonyms for NDA Exams

`=>` Do's

`=>` Read as much as you can. This is old golden rule to improve vocabulary in the easiest way. Over a period we will recommend some great books to read and send you pdf versions of these books. We will also have short quizzes at the end of each chapter so that you read the books attentively.

These books have been selected by our editorial board on the basis that these books are interesting and are full of words suitable for NDA Exam.

`=>` Learn the meaning of the words and their usage at a good pace on daily basis.

`=>` search Google for the meaing and usage of a word whenever you come across a new word.

`=>` Learn the meaning of words from their roots. This method has been explained with examples in next section.

`=>` During the examination, you must carefully examine each option before choosing the correct one. If you are stuck, using the word in a sentence and then doing the same with each of the options may help bring some clarity

`=>` In case you are unable to choose between two given options, it is preferable to choose the word which matches the degree of the word in question. For instance, the word ‘obese’ would be most similar in meaning to ‘overweight’ rather than just ‘plump’.

`=>` Keep an eye out for easily confusable words and homophones. These are words that sound alike but may be spelled differently. For instance, ‘bare’ and ‘bear’. These cannot be used interchangeably. Try remembering the context in which you read the word first. This will help clear any confusion.

`=>` Don'ts

`=>` Never learn Synonyms and Antonyms from Thesaurus. Never try to remember Synonyms and Antonyms of a word.


Words that have similar definitions are known as synonyms. We use synonyms constantly in speech and in writing. These are the words that can be used interchangeably but the meaning of the message remains the same.

1. Direct Format

In this format a word is given and out of the given four options, a word is to be elected which is the correct meaning of the given word.
e.g. Which of the given words is closest in meaning of the words provided?
(a) Try
(b) Join
(c) Keep With
(d) Forsake
Explanation (b) Abandon means to give up or leave and 'Forsake' also means 'to leave'. While, The other 3 options are more of an Antonym to Abandon rather than Synonym.. So, the right synonym for 'Abandon' is 'Forsake'. Hence, option (d) is the correct choice.

2. Sentence Format

In this format one word of a sentence is highlighted and out of the given four options, a word is to be selected which is similar in meaning to the highlighted word.
e.g. Which of the given word have the same meaning to the word written in capital letters?
A person gets WEAK mobile signal in the country side.
(a) fluctuating
(b) falling
(c) low
(d) distant
Explanation (c) In this sentence 'Weak' is used as 'Low' mobile signal. While, Fluctuating (rise and fall), Falling (drop down) and Distant (faraway) are different in meaning to the given word. Hence option (c) is the correct choice.

How to Improve your Vocabulary?

The first method that will never run out of fashion and always remain efficient is 'Reading'. Recognizing words through context helps retain their meaning and for this, one has to read and read extensively. The only difference is, your reading style needs to be focused to identify any new word and immediately apply context to assist with inferring the meaning. One needs to understand the context find out out if it is suggesting a positive or a negative meaning, are there any contrast clue words or cause and effect clue words, etc.

Root Words

The second method is about good knowledge on the suffixes for different word class which will also be helpful in understanding the meaning of those words and of course not to forget 'root words'. Here is a little help for you so that you can understand the theme well. The table given below is quite important and you must go through it very well. I am sure this table will help you.