Definitions at a Glance............

`=>` `color{blue}"Living Organisms"` : Living organisms are self-replicating, evolving and self-regulating interactive systems capable of responding to external stimuli.

`=>` `color{blue}"Growth"` : The irreversible increase in the mass of the living body or/ and the number of cells.

`=>` `color{blue}"Metabolism"` : The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in a living organism or cell.

`=>` `color{blue}"Consciousness"` : It is the ability of all living organisms is their to sense their surroundings or environment and respond accordingly.

`=>` `color{blue}"Biodiversity"` : The number and types of organisms present on earth.

`=>` `color{blue}"Identification"` : The process of assigning a pre-existing taxon name to an individual organism

`=>` `color{blue}"Nomenclature"` : It is the process of standardising the naming of living organisms such that a particular organism is known by the same name all over the world.

`=>` `color{blue}"Binomial Nomenclature"` : The system of providing a name with two components is called Binomial nomenclature

`=>` `color{blue}"Taxon"` : It is the basic unit of classification which represents a rank containing a group of organisms with
similar distinctive characters.

`=>` `color{blue}"Taxonomy"` : Taxonomy is the branch of biology that deals with identification, naming (nomenclature) and classification. It involves the process of classification of organisms into specific taxa based on their distinctive characteristics .

`=>` `color{blue}"Cassification"` : The process by which organisms are grouped into convenient categories based on some easily observable characters.

`=>` `color{blue}"Systematics"` : The branch of study that deals with the diversification of the various life forms, both extinct and extant and the evolutionary relationship among them.

`=>` `color{blue}"Taxonomical Aids"` : The established procedures and techniques to store and preserve the information as well as the specimens for the classiification of all the organisms.