`star` Introduction
`star` Transmission
`star` Symptoms
`star` Prevention


● Diseases or infections which are transmitted through `color{Violet}"sexual intercourse"` are collectively called `color{Violet}"sexually transmitted diseases"` (STD) or `color{Violet}"venereal diseases"` (VD) or `color{Violet}"reproductive tract infections"` (RTI).

● `color{Violet}"Gonorrhoea"`, `color{Violet}"syphilis"`, `color{Violet}"genital herpes"`, `color{Violet}"chlamydiasis"`, `color{Violet}"genital warts"`, `color{Violet}"trichomoniasis"`, `color{Violet}"hepatitis-B"` and `color{Violet}"HIV"` leading to AIDS are some of the common STDs.

● Among these, `color{Violet}"HIV"` infection is most `color{Violet}"dangerous"`.


● Some of these infections like `color{Violet}"hepatitis–B and HIV"` can also be transmitted by

`star` Sharing of `color{Violet}"injection needles"`, `color{Violet}"surgical instruments"`, etc., with infected persons

`star` `color{Violet}"Transfusion of blood"`, or from an infected mother to the foetus.

● Except for `color{Violet}"hepatitis-B"`, `color{Violet}"genital herpes"` and `color{Violet}"HIV infections"`, other diseases are `color{Violet}"completely curable"` if detected early and treated properly.


● Early symptoms of most of these are minor and include `color{Violet}"itching"`, `color{Violet}"fluid discharge"`, `color{Violet}"slight pain"`, `color{Violet}"swellings"`, etc., in the genital region.

● Infected females may often be `color{Violet}"asymptomatic"` and hence, may remain undetected for long.

`color{Brown}"Later Complications"` :
● `color{Violet}"Absence or less significant"` symptoms in the early stages of infection and the `color{Violet}"social stigma"` attached to the STDs, deter the infected persons from going for timely detection and proper treatment.

● This could lead to `color{Violet}"complications"` later, which include `color{Violet}"pelvic inflammatory diseases"` (PID), `color{Violet}"abortions"`, `color{Violet}"still births"`, `color{Violet}"ectopic pregnancies"`, `color{Violet}"infertility"` or even `color{Violet}"cancer"` of the reproductive tract.


● STDs are a `color{Violet}"major threat"` to a healthy society.

● Therefore, `color{Violet}"prevention or early detection"` and cure of these diseases are given prime consideration under the reproductive health-care programmes.

● `color{Brown}"High Incidence Age group"`: Though all persons are `color{Violet}"vulnerable"` to these infections, their incidences are reported to be very high among persons in the age group of `color{Violet}"15-24 years"`.

● Prevention can be attained by following the simple principles given below:
(i) `color{Violet}"Avoiding sex"` with unknown partners/multiple partners.

(ii) Always using `color{Violet}"condoms"` during coitus.

(iii) In case of doubt, going to a `color{Violet}"qualified doctor"` for early detection and getting `color{Violet}"complete treatment"` if diagnosed with disease.