Exxamm.com experts offer tips to crack JEE main and JEE Advanced 2017.

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  • For a majority of students aspiring to become an Engineer, JEE Advanced is nothing short of the Holy Grail. With over 12 Lakh aspirants appearing in JEE every year, this is also one of the toughest exams to crack.
  • Since 2014, the difficulty level of questions has increased substantially as compared to earlier years. In the present scenario, getting a good rank without specialized coaching is very difficult. Exxamm.com complements coaching classes by providing a question bank, previous year papers, revision notes, topic wise practice, and all this at no cost!
  • What discourages a student the most is that even after attending the best coaching, working as hard as humanly possible, and doing everything he was asked to do; the result still comes out as disappointing. We acknowledge the stark reality friends.
  • Even the best coaching institutes deliver a success rate of only 2%. This is because the level of teaching and practice problems is much lower than what is required to crack JEE. Most of the big coaching institutes follow the system of modern apartheid by segregating students on the basis of an entrance exam of their own.
  • Hardly any effort is made to improve the level of "not so bright" students and all their efforts are focused on the best students to increase their own success rate. We at exxamm.com, try to raise the level of each and every aspirant leaving no one behind.